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Gwas Cymraig

I'm a submissive guy, 62years old, looking for Doms and Masters who will be able to train me into the slave I need to become. I generally ad pics or vids of things I would like to experience myself. I need a strong master to push me over that edge.

Nude Gay BDSM - Bing video
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Someone do this to me

faggot labour on its way to start work

Two owned fags always better than one

Stored and secured when not in use

Perfect. Keep me just like this for as long as you want Sir.

I had the bath brush for the first time today; it really hurts!

If I could get to Texas I would spank him, which is what he wants

This guy puts himself on the web as a Dom, but on the same site he is down as a sub. But he is after "gifts" on both

Now for part 2